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Rumney Baptist Church Covenant Devotional

Three months ago, a new Church Covenant was approved at the RBC Business meeting. The Covenant provides guidelines for followers of Jesus Christ who are participating in the ministry of Rumney Baptist Church. Covenants, while historically part of the Church for centuries, have not been actively used in most churches in this ear beyond preaching on God’s covenant with Israel or ignoring them though they may be in the bylaws.

RBC Elders believe that many difficulties the Church of Jesus Christ has faced in recent years are due in part to unwillingness, fear, or disregard for the importance of a covenant’s role in laying out expectations of disciples, identifying principles of Christian relationships, and affirming Biblical principles of relationships that help a congregation engage in the mission of Christ more effectively.

The RBC Church Covenant has ten articles, each addressing ways that we affirm are biblical, helpful, practical, and important for a church to reflect Christ as His Body.

We do not take the Church Covenant lightly. We believe all who represent RBC are representing Christ, and we represent Christ best by allowing our life and work for God’s mission to reflect His principles, which we have attempted to outline in the Covenant.

This is a Devotional Guide to use during your daily time with God. Using a format of Scripture, a brief reflection, allow God to speak to you about our life as a disciple and witness to His Lordship in our lives.

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Accountability Governance Model

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